Halestorm – Vicious (2018) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Halestorm - Vicious - Album CoverHalestorm rulez, they said. The band will continue to deliver, they said. And truly, after former premium releases like The Strange Case of… or the more lackluster Into the Wild Life, expectations for anything coming from Lzzy Hale‘s corner were high. 

Sky high.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Helrunar – Vanitas Vanitatvm (2018) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - Helrunar - Vanitas Vanitatum - Album CoverNostalgia. The yearning for some long-vanished swathes of time. Events you once enjoyed, and somehow they still feel good today. And you (kind of) wish to travel back in time and be there again. The feeling is some sort of retroactive déjà-vu, a vague sentiment of useless comfort – most of the time. But in reality all of that is lost in the corridors of time. And will never, ever come back.

Or will it?

Because the German Black Metallers Helrunar serve a very special ritual with their 7th full length record Vanitas Vanitatvm (vanity of vanities). The record really digs about the dark corners of the Scandinavian Black Metal scene of the ’90s. Not quite wave one, but kind of there nonetheless. Hints of Burzum’s Filosofem, edges of Bathory, Gorgoroth or Mayhem. The list could go on. Ah, the memories of burning churches, murders in rival bands and one of the darkest hours in metal, if not one of the juiciest. Because Black Metal matured and really thrived after that, and still does to this day. [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Meadows End – Sojourn (2016 / 2018) – Review

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[Edited and newly published version]

RockmusicRaider Review - Meadows End - Soujourn - Album CoverNow, imagine you would marry the evil twin of Nightwish to Insomnium and giving the female front of the former the boot first. You would in all probability beget a magic child called Meadows End.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!