Abbath – Abbath (2016) – Review

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Abbath Abbath Album CoverGood bye Immortal, welcome Abbath. This was quite a departure from the realm of Blashyrkh that the master of the crabwalk and distinctive corpse paint put to the audience. And with some real power to boot: The new self-titled album of this newly formed and self-named band just continues to fire away and indeed fires stronger than before during the Immortal years and now under this new identity.

The announcement of the remainder of Immortal in 2015 to carry on with business as usual had me reduced to a mad cackle. The essence and soul – the divine creator so to say – of the band removes himself and the skeleton wishes to survive? We will see, but for the moment I have my doubts. Sounds a bit like the demise of Supertramp, where after the departure of powerhouse Roger Hodgson, nothing much was left – be it only the ego of at least one band member. And it ended relatively soon thereafter.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!