Antyra – Pentachronist (2015) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - Antyra - Pentachronist - Album CoverThis is going to be a first: RockmusicRaider promoting a record containing a whopping five intros (fuck, yeah…), plus a master overture at the very beginning. Some of that stuff dwells outrageously far out in fairy land and is in part so bad you just want to slam the door shut in their face. But you won’t, believe me. Because this whole magic brew somehow sticks to you like goo from the abyss and won’t let you go until you have surrendered your soul to it.

Antyra and their début studio full length album Pentachronist will do that to you. Chaotic, scratchy, dissonant, blackened – and utterly fascinating. Teutonic lyrics spewing your way, mostly in German and some in English. This whole album is so underground, it reeks of dirty backyards, sporting shabby sheds to house the musicians. And you fear to find these smoky entrances to Hel – the cold afterworld of yonder times – hidden in basements somewhere. Will you dare go down into the pit and face the monsters?

Now wait a minute! What was that about a début album? The band – joining us from Leipzig – already clings to the aforementioned stinky metal underbelly since 2006, but only produced one EP back in 2009, now followed by this new album. Well, I’ll be damned.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!