Bartłomiej Krysiuk’s Batushka and the missing live gigs!

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The RMR blog covered the on-going Batushka controversy pretty closely so far. For those who were out of the loop for a while, here’s a quick rundown.

At first, we had a stellar Black Metal album – Litourgyia – that took the genre by storm. It led to a pretty fulminant success of a previously unknown band from Poland.

As is often the case, success (and money) rose to people’s heads, so all those loving bonds were canceled and a truly nasty divorce initiated. Quite unsurprisingly, this ended up in court, with a final decision still out there somewhere. In the meantime, both bands issued new records – Hospodi and Panihida – and claimed victory. Only that there still is that unsolved lawsuit. Hell, these spoilers just suck, don’t they?

But Bart and his merry men continued.

We lately heard about an upcoming documentary. This all-out liberating artillery volley that Bartłomiej Krysiuk‘s Batushka apparently planned to initiate in their unmatched wisdom. But – not very surprisingly – nothing has been forthcoming so far. Because – frankly – it would be phenomenally stupid of this Batushka to do that with that food fight still in action.

At the same time, Metal Blade’s mighty marketing machine rumbled into action. A flurry of advertising, concerts here and far, far away, news about tours and other messages flew by at breakneck speed. To the point that I started to wonder where this all headed to.

Yet things got even spicier.

The band’s announcements for all those big-ass tours always stumped me. Bart’s Batushka got a horrendous beating from fans all over the place, calling them names like Poseur Batushka and others. Thus a certain sense of surrealism installed itself over time, even if Metal Blade Records can muster a fearsome marketing attack.

North America and Australia were on the menu, no less. And that’s great news for big names of Ozzy’s stature, but not quite that much for relatively little known bands like Batushka. So, knowing a thing or two about the mechanics of such projects, I had my doubts. And – lo and behold – the Bart faction lately quietly canceled their tours. Here is what Bart had to say.

But that text contains still more confusion. We hear that the band – and I quote “… canceled all up and coming international touring…”. But then contradict themselves by saying that “….European dates will continue…”. So, somebody please explain what international means.

I guess that the administrative hurdles are less strenuous in the EU. But chiefly, sales took a dip to nowhere in North America and down under. Which ain’t hardly surprising. And I reckon that reality finally found Bartłomiej Krysiuk and his bandmates. Because a lot of what they did so hastily reminds me of that infamous building constructed on quicksand.

But hey, never give up, right? We’ll continue to lie in wait for more substantial news. But until we do, have some fun with these Russian trolls and their absolutely and absurdly awful copycat version of Batushka.

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