Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell (1980) – Review

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Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell Album CoverAt just some 40 minutes of air-time and a meager 8 tracks, with a new front man the band just hired off The Rainbow bar on the Sunset Strip in L.A., a record really needed to be good. The classic and 9th studio album Heaven and Hell from Black Sabbath will qualify – to an extent. And yes, to an extent only. ‘Tis not all great and shiny disco lights. Not all tracks will really open heaven’s gates on this disk. But be this as it may, there definitely is improvement on this album, and this on several fronts at once. But more to that later.

Ronnie James Padavone aka Dio was hired to pull this supposedly foundering ship called Black Sabbath off its moorings and into the deep sea where it belonged. Whisperings abound that one Sharon Arden actually introduced the new guy to Tony Iommy. The very same lady that should get some fame as Ozzy’s wife and manager later on. And isn’t it ironic that Dio had his hiring interview in a bar of the same name than his last band Rainbow? And with this crew he celebrated remarkable successes like Rising or Long Live Rock’n’Roll. [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (1970) – Review

Ah, lauded be thy beginnings, oh black tainted and (kind of wannabe) occult Black Sabbath! I still remember the hazy-daze atmosphere way back in time when we listened to this first 'Black Sabbath' record. 

Still in a drug induced haze - like the whole music industry at that time, it appears to me and the after effects can still be seen from within the band today - they actually went to the dark side of the moon, whereas the other potheads rode the wave of peace and love into oblivion.

Black Sabbath – 13 (2013) – Review

Ha! They STILL can do it!! The grumpy old men from Black Sabbath in the original formation - minus the drummer, I wanna add. Looks like Bill Ward had issues with a contract - or the lack thereof.

'13' is like a continuation of the very first record the band produced, minus the woozy, boozy, heavily doped interludes that poisoned the early records.

The mix of deep dark riffs, heavy bass, combined with the metallic whine of Ozzy Osbourne is just irresistible. And at their age, they still show the youngsters where the masters are.