AC/DC – Rock or Bust (2014) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - ACDC - Rock or Bust - Album CoverBack to the future! This is what comes to mind when listening to this newest concoction of our favorite rockers from ‘AC/DC’ from down under. Similar to other albums, this really starts to sound like some ‘Krokus‘ production gone to Australia – some Hoodoo right there.

Cookie cutter style, nicely built and very solid Hard Rock of the Heavy Metal kind, with down-to-earth riffs, of which some of them seem to have matured some more since we last heard them in a studio album back in 2008. ‘Rock or Bust‘ is nothing more than your usual ‘AC/DC‘ holiday turkey with some gravy – well cooked, no hard edges, no sharp points – just your mainstream, politically correct (aarrghh!!) US American style of bad boy music, which is not so bad anymore and for sure not very scary.Got hooked? Raid this some more...

AC/DC – Black Ice (2008) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - ACDC - Black Ice - Album CoverAfter a long, indeed a very long waiting time (the former album ‘Stiff Upper Lip‘ released in 2000) our Heavy Metal swinging band AC/DC finally presented ‘Black Ice‘ – in 2008, no kidding, almost a decade later than the former (ok, ok, I get it – not quite a decade, but still…). Of course, with their track record, there is no urgency anymore, but I would nevertheless have hoped that something more would come out of them earlier – I am after all a big fan of them.

At first sight it is a more subdued form of their former more exuberant style – kind of sounding dangerously like ‘Krokus‘ in places – the Swiss hard rockers that recently pulled themselves back together (or is it more the other way around – the debate is open, folks).
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AC/DC – Back in Black (1980) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - ACDC - Back in Black - Album CoverOkay, I get it – we write the Year of the Lord 2014 and this ‘AC/DC‘ record is so old it should already have turned to dust – along with everything else that lived back then. Right? But you know what? Back in Black did not return to oblivion. And many bands are still present today that rocked through music halls at that time. Okay, admittedly a bit more worn out they are indeed these days and not so fresh anymore, but still commanding sizable audiences.

And I do agree that the only thing they really know how to do (and constantly deliver) is good, old, solid Hard Rock (some call it Heavy Metal and I tend to agree) and they hardly changed over the years.Got hooked? Raid this some more...