Universal Theory – The Most Attractive Force (2015) – Review

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Universal-Theory-The-Most-Attractive-Force-cd-coverUniversal Theory beckons us with their newest and best, called The Most Attractive Force to be released to the esteemed public by end of August 2015. 

Now wait a minute, you bunch of Einsteins! Was the Universal Theory not the Theory of Everything? But this is actually a band joining us from Spain. And you know what? Sometimes I wanna whack these bands for their choice of brand names, but then again, this is kind of part of this genre in a way.

But joking apart: Whenever I listen to Universal Theory‘s brand of Atmospheric Metal (coming complete with integrated pop metal attacks…), I get inevitably reminded of the German gig ‘Blutengel‘ – the Gothic electro-pop outfit with the vampiric lead brandishing this atrocious English accent, rumbling away in a sub-atomic voice at some sort of musical concoction.Got hooked? Raid this some more...