Coagulating Mirth. No laughing Matter, by The Atrophic!

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RockmusicRaider Review - The Atrophic - Coagulating Mirth - Album Cover

It’s funny. The Atrophic is a new band. So new, they haven’t yet found a space in the mighty metal archives.1) And, for some reason, this band opines that – somehow – Technical Death Metal cannot be fun and is shunned by many – because it’s just noize hacked to death by metal-crazed technicians.2) Add melody and symphony to this shebang or ban all these clueless misfits to the 11th circle of hell.3)

Yet, once the RMR crew let Coagulating Mirth roar out of its cage, we were all ears. And indeed, their debut EP turned up on our music machine with some juicy mix of Cult of Lilith and Archspire. Admittedly, this is some wild leeway that we allowed here. And, in truth, their stuff tends to lean towards the latter, without the speed problem, that is.

But, fact is, The Atrophic sent us one pretty stellar blurb of their trade. Technical Death Metal that draws its force from the very DM roots and adds juicy melodic shenanigans to keep things fresh and interesting. There’s true mastery here, and they’re only just beginning. I truly wonder what their studio album will sound like, once they’re ready.

But until that happens, hit the link below for some Coagulating Mirth. And they’re not laughing. Indeed.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 8 July 2022


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