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RockmusicRaider Review - Denigrate - Hollowpoint - Album CoverSoft music playing and a voice goes: “In times past there lived a king and queen of the Ancient #Metal Kingdom, who said to each other every day of their lives, “If only we had a #metal child!”. And yet they had none. One day the queen was bathing and an ugly frog with a Motörhead tattoo came out of the water, leered at her and said drooling: “Thy wish shall be fulfilled; if you kiss and cuddle me, oh succulent one, thou shalt witness my transformation and get a child.” She did and SMACK BOOM there it was. IT?? Yes, called Denigrate – from Finland, playing Sleeping Beauty since 2007. [Soft music is brutally replaced by #metal sounds!]. And they are back with a vengeance with their newest brainchild Hollowpoint, attacking straight with some real #metal. Like a bullet hitting you at full tilt.

By the way, there are several bands using the name Denigrate: This review is for the Finnish band, not the kids from Rochford. The 2015 lineup: Micko Hell (vocals), Pekka Pyrhönen (bass), Seppo Nummela (guitars), Tipi Toivanen (drums).

When starting listening to Hollowpoint, I was floored! Expecting something different and much flatter, but luckily the pudding proved to be jolly good eating. And they should probably rename this album to The Awakening or something. ‘Cause, this is real good, mature #metal, no shit. The long slumber of this beauty has certainly done a world of good to the quality of their tune. Interestingly, the same happened to Sorcerer with In The Shadow of the Inverted Cross: When they came to from their beauty sleep and let loose, it just took your breath away.

Denigrate formed back in 1996 displaying a much lighter and – I daresay – Denigrate 2015 - Promosomewhat more careless, juvenile style in music. Albeit already carrying the hallmarks of their present delivery. In comparison, Hollowpoint has got some real bite; a dark Gothic Metal soul displayed right out in the open. They skillfully mix their #metal risotto with screams and – interestingly – some Progressive Metal interludes. They actually call themselves a Progressive Metal band, but hells bells, a lot of that stuff is more Power Metal than is good for Prog. In a sense they remind me of Moonspell and Amorphis in some of the tracks, albeit not of the same dark kind of style these two display. Then again, they marry Doom Metal elements with more folksy parts. And all of a sudden Denigrate spread their Melodeath wings, going places Insomnium style. Some hellishly stellar riffs spice up the record just nicely. Like some Australian Outback hot sauce that will help you enjoying your hamburger better. No fucking kidding.

Hollowpoint keeps the power up until the bitter end, no discernible fillers to be found in this record. Not really surprising after such a long time, I would have been worried otherwise. Production, mixing and mastering are largely well done, no complaints.

Okay, Denigrate have let themselves be heavily influenced by the work of a LOT of other bands of different genres. You will thus get a lot of different directions out of this disc, not something that is very much owned by themselves yet. Evil tongues will say that this was done on purpose to have something to like for everyone. Honi soit qui mal y pense! On the other hand, the album is full of hooks, changes of direction and surprises, which renders it fun to listen to. They are however guilty of a somewhat boring and repetitive song structure evident in some of their tracks. But all of those are minor carpers.

Hollowpoint really gets going, where Amorphis’ stopped delivering!

As in their latest album Under The Red Cloud. Meaning: The overall flow of Hollowpoint is of a somewhat similar vein, but much more varied and delivering the added juice necessary to make their tune talk. As a result, Engraved and Hellbound takes you on a rocky, wild ride straight from the start. Expecting some softer style Prog, then getting hit by a ton of #metal. Some more Prog comes to the forefront with Erased Pages and Death Reflection, prettily done, but coming to a point where one is not sure anymore where they are heading with the album.

But then and much to my relief, My Corrupted Soul graces us with a powerful #metal stew, featuring shouted lyrics that would make Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot) proud. Liar with stellar vocals on the track, some spoken and Taken Away for sheer rockiness are really noteworthy. But then, once the tracks come to an end and you want to wind down, they hit you with Thor’s #metal hammer: Meitä Ei Enää Ole (loosely translated to We are no longer) will take you by assault. Complete with a monologue in the middle of the song and rocky as hell. A fitting end to a great album. Why the friggin’ hell they did not add this track earlier will forever be beyond me. Forsooth.

Whilst not dissimilar to their earlier concoctions, Hollowpoint now delivers a tune that is much more powerful, varied and mature. It looks like the hiatus Denigrate granted itself was of utmost benefit to their today’s much more refined performance. The band members for sure returned to their alma mater with a full reservoir of ideas and it shows in this record. Coming back from the undead is at least sometimes a good thing. Welcome back, Denigrate. You have a stellar future in front of you – if you wanna tackle it, that is.

But hey, congratulations are in order. The album made it not only on the 2015 Top 10 Records, but also on the 10 Most Popular Posts @ RockmusicRaider. Remarkable.


Record Rating: 9/10 | Label: Self-Released | Web: Official Site

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