Dirty Sound Magnet – What Lies Behind (2012) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Dirty Sound Magnet - What Lies Behind - Album CoverA friend of mine dragged me to a concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival to see these guys live. To see Dirty Sound Magnet? WTF? Dirty who? To watch What Lies Behind. I admit, I had no idea what to expect. Hmm.

Small concert hall feeling like a bunker – probably is a bunker, stuffy and no air, but great sound. The band performing their – at that time – only record.

Lovingly crafted songs in a bluesy, rocky style reminiscent of the 70’s, brought to life by this Swiss (Yes! Not US) band around Didier Coenegracht, supported by an excellent Stavros Dzodzos on the lead guitar. Some Led Zeppelin elements, Hendrix style lines, kind of the old groovy stuff that we have seen over the years, but not quite performed that well these days anymore.

What Lies Behind does need some getting used to, though, and – in truth – with only 9 songs in their repertoire when performing, they must all count. Not all do and there could be a little more oomph and juice to the sound. During the concert I was always waiting for the sound to take us to space, but – whilst good and well performed – it never quite came. 

The album really takes off with Mike’s Awakening, followed by and excellent Mr. Robert, superb blues style concoction. What Lies Behind could have the stuff to get into the charts, but whilst great, it somehow misses this little something making a difference.

The cherry on the cake however comes at the end. Free Castle Town is a song you would like to listen to on a hot, humid evening on the porch with a cold beer, looking out over the swamp, listening to the sounds of the night beasts.

In all, What Lies Behind is proof of a very good performance, great sound – I like it! Dirty Sound Magnet do have a lot of potential still and I am looking forward to see some of their upcoming work.


Record Rating: 10/10 | Label: Phénix Records | Web: Official Site

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