Dirty Sound Magnet – Western Lies (2017) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Dirty Sound Magnet - Western Lies - Album CoverYou’ve got bands that stick to their guns like there is no tomorrow. And they will always rehash what was before until their days run out. Comfort in sounds and numbers, right? And truly, for some it pays off. They fill stadiums with fans wanting nothing more than to listen to the same shit all over again. Mind you, these bands are good at what they do and a lot of fans like precisely that level of comfort.

Then you have others with a distinct taste for risk and change, the ones opening doors that were closed before. Darting off to take yonder foggy pathways that nobody knows where they will lead.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Dirty Sound Magnet – The Bloop (2014) – Review

Gotta love them! This sounds like stuff we already heard really and felt somewhere, but when - ah, back in the '70s. Back in time when laid back and cool Rock was in fashion, kind of Southern Bluesy Tunes that really relax you - good for the soul after all that complicated Metal stuff that I recently listened to. Like getting yourself a bucket of shrimp down at the beach near New Orleans and then chillin' out some later with a cold beer in a beach chair getting your jelly-belly burned.

Dirty Sound Magnet – What Lies Behind (2012) – Review

A friend of mine dragged me to a concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival to see these guys live. To see Dirty Sound Magnet? WTF? Dirty who?

Small concert hall, stuffy and no air, but great sound. The band performing their - at that time - only record.

Lovingly crafted songs in a bluesy, rocky style reminiscent of the 70's, brought to life by this Swiss (Yes! Not US) band around Didier Coenegracht, supported by an excellent Stavros Dzodzos on the lead guitar.