Gort – Humanitas Dolor Mundi (2021) – Review

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Gort - Humanitas Dolor Mundi - Album Cover

Authenticity speaks. And that’s a true statement for extreme metal music, the same as it is for everything else. And that’s how the folks over at Gort seriously got on our good side back in 2017 with their EP A Morte Ad Mortem. Traditional fare right from the fiery pit, their style spoke to us. And mind you, there was nothing new to see there. Just, sturdy, vile blackened fare straight out of Scandinavia’s church-burning school.

But since then, the silence of the lambs befell the murky depths whence the band dwells. A devilish quiet with not a peep from an up-and-coming Black Metal outfit. Yet, by the end of 2021, the band sent forth their 3rd and – so far – latest full-length piece Humanitas Dolor Mundi.1) Yet somehow, the record disappeared back into the ever-growing sump of our review pipe, just to reemerge these weeks of late fall in the unholy year of 2022.

Now, first off, gone is the muggy underground sound that fit right in with the terrible goat on the cover of the 2017 EP. Instead, On Blackened Soil leads off with a pretty loud riff that made us wonder for a few seconds where this was all going. But fear naught, traditional old-school Black Metal with a few razor-sharp death elements sunk into it will emerge shortly thereafter. All of the above comes with Illness2) ever-present and merciless Black Metal rasps that somehow never gripe. And still, there seems to be an unexplainable wispy breath of modernism somewhere. Because in a way, Humanitas Dolor Mundi is more Geisterfels than it would resemble earlier masters.

Now, Black Metal pieces often have a brick wall problem. They’re so compressed, you won’t hear whatever else is playing. And that’s one of the main issues on this here album, too. The first half ain’t all that bad yet. But as you inch toward the end of the tracklist, the compressors start firing ever more crazily. To the point that a lot of the action disappears into the mix. And that’s a pity because great tracks like Eternal Denial deserve to be written in the unholy red-hot blood of the trickster and shouldn’t be lost in translation somewhere in compressor nirvana.

And this issue really affects quality in more ways than one. Humanitas Dolor Mundi does throw a pretty deadly punch. There’s enough old-style filth to please and that could should open a rough ‘n’ stony path directly back into the past. Yet, with half of the offering floating out in compression hell and in search of a good loudspeaker, much of it ain’t coming through. Thus, if the production sucks, all thoughts of first-rate metallics fly out of the window in a tearing hurry.

Ultimately, though, Humanitas Dolor Mundi still is a good record. Forged from that pvre vein of vilest Black Metal straight from the ’90s and delivered with putrid, seething hatred. Apart from the brute power, the record gorges with tasty blackened nuggets. Like the crazily tilted solo on Thorns of Hatred that suddenly emerges from the underworld. Or the aforementioned Eternal Denial that often sounds like a possessed Summoning interpreted by the Daemon itself. Oh, and if you’re short on time and on the lookout for the essence of the piece, move straight to the end of the tracklist.

And that’s what finally made us continue with this review. Gort‘s latest piece did indeed not make it to the top of the quality list. But you’ll get the full monty of an established slab of juicy Black Metal, straight from the Lightbringer’s forgery. And all that rolls in smokin’ hot and still smoldering. Just what the daemonic doctor ordered. Authentic and barebone fare from hell’s kitchen over at Gort‘s house? Indeed so.

Record Rating: 6/10 | LabelVacula Productions | Web: Facebook (band)
Release Date: 2 November 2021


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