Ian Voltage worship the Spring of Turmoil!

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Rock must be dirty, vile, and mean, right? That’s only partly true, of course, but it usually helps. And besides, the lore of punk sez that tough messages must be an integral part of any rock piece that deserves the label ‘red-hot’.

Again, this is debatable if we look at some bands and their limited lyrical, let alone messaging skills. Now, Ian Voltage here have taken some of punk’s message aboard. They indeed lustily scream whatever ails them currently into the world, and so they should.

But what renders their newest EP Spring of Turmoil truly tasty is that snazzy mix of Hard and Heavy Rock. Their offering comes somewhat in the vein of bands like Empty Trail or Vinyl Hero in between many others. In other words, they didn’t really invent some new juicy style1) but they truly excel in their chosen vocation. And that we found a bass with a voice on that short blurb really landed them on the RMR crew’s good side.

But that uncanny knack to create red-hot rock ‘n’ roll and howl it to the world truly sold us. This is a band that you want to go see live once you listened to their new and decidedly short set of tracks.

Don’t believe me? Well, have a taste of Spring of Turmoil below. It’s gonna be good, we promise.

LabelInverse Records | Web: Facebook (band)
Release Date: 2 March 2022


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