Illuminata – Where Stories Unfold (2015) – Review

Now wait a minute: We have drumblasts - check! We have distorted guitars - check! We have a female front - check! Ah, only one? Confused! Symphonic influence - check! So, this must be Gothic Metal - NOPE! Well, kind of nope.

Illuminata – A World So Cold (2011) – Review

I have no idea where all these mediocre reviews come from I tortured myself reading and why the fuck I did this to myself is beyond me. The 2011 album 'A World So Cold' from the Austrian band 'Illuminata' is simply refreshing (apart from the bodged intro that just wants to make you scream and kick the walls).

Pure Symphonic Metal of the Gothic kind, best described as  'Within Temptation' with an edge, mixed with some 'Xandria' style elements with a hint of 'Nightwish', putting a smile on my face.