Insomnium – Winter’s Gate (2016) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Insomnium - Winter's Gate - Album CoverIt was one of those #metal moments! Winter’s Gate, Insomnium‘s 7th full length release finally arrived at my doorstep. And what do I find? One 40 minute monster track. Come again, they did what? What on earth are they noodling about? With trepidation we think back to similar attempts made by the likes of Pink Floyd and others way back in time when monstrous, rambling concoctions were fashionable.

And not many protagonists – with some  laudable exceptions – pulled these offerings off well enough to really impress the audience ever since. Let’s be honest. So, here I sat wondering what disaster loomed ahead in this new record. And what this would do to the reputation of Insomnium, who just proved their worth in their latest album Shadows of the Dying Sun. But fear not, the album turned out to be much different than what I initially thought. [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Insomnium – Across the Dark (2009) – Review

When the cold dark wind is howling through the countryside with a bleak moon illuminating the wolves looking for sorry beasts to hunt down, then this is about the mood the 2009 album 'Across the Dark' from the Finnish band 'Insomnium' appears to transmit to the poor listener - unless you are a Metal Fan and a melancholic Melodeath Fan to boot. 

But relax: Nothing there about poor fans and such, this is stellar Melodic Death Metal produced by this band and I absolutely love the way they present their music.

Insomnium – One for Sorrow (2011) – Review

Ah, yes! Sleepless music for the sleepless, made by the Sleepless Ones from Finland. And from where else? The land of eternal night. A bit subdued, I would say, but still trademark 'Insomnium' fare. 

Complex tunes established around the grunts of Niilo Sevänen, just great Melodic Death Metal at its best. Like freshly ground coffee, to be enjoyed by preference in the morning as a little breakfast music. And it is Melodeath with a Doom component that is very pronounced. 

Perhaps they are pushing the melancholic button a bit too often.