Kaledon – Carnagus: Emperor of the Darkness (2017) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - Kaledon - Carnagus: Emperor of the Darkness - Album CoverSometimes you get this sense of déjà-vu. Like that prickly feeling down your spine, when you sense something unknown. And it started straight from the beginning of Kaledon‘s newest album Carnagus: Emperor of the Darkness. ‘Tis the flavor of Overtures, a known entity belting away at a Power Metal event. And – lo and behold – it is indeed Michele Guaitoli, who got hired to advance the glory of Kaledon‘s 9th full length album.

The band started to spin their tale many years ago already. In the Year of the Lord 1997 to be precise. A medieval-fantastic story, enacted in a series of albums over time. So, they issued a bunch of story-based records. And as always, those tend to put a tent around the proverbial circus and lend a hand to structure and sanity. But sanity in Power Metal? Sounds like a contradiction of terms.

Oh, and I can already hear the purists: Decrying the cheese-laden and somewhat overstuffed song structures in Carnagus: Emperor of the Darkness. But you know what? They do have a (tiny, little) point. Even if the cheese level is rather low. Kaledon almost went the sorry Amaranthe route, ending up in the dangerous waters of pompous pop metal. To add insult to injury, the high compression levels on most of the tracks surely do not help matters much. [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!