Kanseil go unplugged on Cant Del Corlo!

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Since we stumbled across Boscars, the first video released for Kanseil‘s Cant del Corlo, our lookout kinda had his radar in full motion to capture the EP once it dropped. And this single already intrigued us with its quiet and quietly professional airs.

Kanseil already got coverage for two studio records Doin Earde and Fulische on RMR. Both – of course – are fully plugged and more in a Folk Metal environment than anything else. And whilst these pieces are technically well done, they often still sound like a somewhat propped-up and electronically charged version of a bunch of Folk tunes. And that’s what they often are, too.

Corte di Lunas just proved to us that Folk Rock can actually be a good choice. Yet, will Kanseil again confirm our older finding? The one claiming that Folk Metal bands often are more capable as unplugged Folk outfits? Just think Eluveitie, a band that dazzled us with their unplugged record some time ago. And more than they did for their sometimes opulent plugged versions.

Nomen est Omen. Cant del Corlo – the name of the blurb – also serves as the theme. The name of the EP roughly translates to something like “chant of the spinning wheel”. Where the wheel should represent the four seasons, eternally spinning. Until it will stop one day.

Cant del Corlo saddles you with six short tracks of acoustic goodness. An intro, an outro and four tracks that – I guess – represent the seasons.

The aforementioned Boscars really blows the rest out of the water. And it is for a good reason this one ended up in a clip. We enjoyed the mix of flutes and guitars on Il Sergente nella Neve. This one even comes with an acoustic solo to boot. Whereas Tra Le Fronde kinda forgot that it is supposed to be folk. The track pretty much feels like a rock song in disguise.

You can feel that Folk is not Kanseil‘s real territory. To use their own words, folk is “a genre that is not really ours, but that in some way has always belonged to us”. Yet and despite that statement, their tune manages to summon those magically vibrant emotions that folk is often guilty of. In a way, folk suits them and despite themselves.

And, as always with those bands, Kanseil followed ‘the rule’ and delivered a very good unplugged version of their usual style. Cant del Corlo brought us a neat and juicy facet to this band’s portfolio. An acoustic and totally unplugged piece of thoughtful folk songs that quickly whetted our appetite for more. Much more.

LabelRockshots Records | Web: Facebook
Release date: 7 February 2020

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