Kings of Moonshine – Iron River (2017) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Kings of Moonshine - Iron River - Album CoverJust think about alt-country and good ol’ root music. Staunch, country-fare American sounds pouring out of your loudspeakers. Lost down in Tennessee, boozed up by too much moonshine, but still good enough to enjoy on a hot summer evening. Then again punkish lo-fi pseudo rock’n’roll aesthetics served on a Southern Comfort laced platter of a full Southern Breakfast.

And clearly sometimes the lines between some sort of desert-tinged rock, punk and real country are blurred and there’s trouble really getting a grip on the genre. Especially if we get disconnected country boys or established chansonniers calling in to state that they are now part of the movement. In truth, many people have trouble wrapping their heads around the genre, yours truly included. Yet, the music is fascinating and I daresay multifaceted. So, this is the credo of Kings of Moonshine their newest dish Iron River. And behold, ’tis no Nashville based band, no sir, they hail from Finland of all places.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!