Krokus – Headhunter (1983) – Review

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KRockmusicRaider Review - Krokus - Album Coverrokus spawned a few remarkable records in their early days. Names like Pay It In Metal, Hardware, Metal Rendez-Vous (with which yours truly felt the vampire pull of this band) come to mind. And sweaty, rocky concerts in “the pit” come back to memory. But nothing mentioned before really blew the true Heavy Metal record Headhunter of 1983 out of the water, their 7th studio album. Not equaled then and not ever since.

And a word to the album cover: The metal skull and bones together with the name Headhunter is just superb. A fitting visual to a very metal album. The disc also features its very own epic spicy stories: For instance, Chris Von Rohr got himself fired from Krokus later in 1983. Or it was his loose mouth and some Machiavellian machinations from management that led to his demise at that time. But nothing is forever and Chris is now – in 2015 – firmly ensconced back in the old, new formation, moins Fernando Von Arb. Headhunter hit Platinum status in the US and got to 28 in the Billboard 200.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Krokus – Dirty Dynamite (2013) – Review

Holy Momma! Just reviewed the newest 2014 'AC/DC' record and was kind of looking for some electrical charge in there (not even supercharge, mind you) and not finding it. And here I start on my newest copy from the Swiss Band 'Krokus' and their 2013 album 'Dirty Dynamite' and - wham - I am clinging to the wall, being hurled there by some stellar Metal style Hard Rock. Slam - Bang!! Just wanted to have a little midnight music kind of thing.

Krokus – Hoodoo (2010) – Review

Well, well, who would have thought that they would ever again find themselves and produce a new album! This really was a great surprise back in 2010. And then with such a rocky Heavy Metal piece! Yeehaah!

Of course, the Swiss Heavy Metal band 'Krokus' would not be themselves when they would not sound like 'AC/DC' in their Bon Scott heyday - well kind of.