Lör – In Forgotten Sleep (2017) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - Lör - In Forgotten Sleep - Album CoverI don’t travel very often. But when I do, I need some funky, entertaining tune to keep the attention at crisp levels and the energy flowing. To get there progressive tunes will be just what the doctor ordered. So I can drive fast, enjoy some road rage, rock weirdly around the car and scare my fellow travellers on the road. Perfect. What better idea than to consult the promo list for some hidden treasure waiting to be uncovered. 

So, here I stumbled across the latest promo from a band going by the cvlt-ish name of Lör. Austrian – must be, judging by the name. Right? So wrong and way off target. They hail from Philadelphia, PA. And – by Loki – their début album In Forgotten Sleep is a fucking hammer blow.

You would not suspect the extent of the crime by the somewhat simplistic cover art, but their – how to call it – Progressive Power Metal just tramples you into the ground and leaves you wondering what the heck just hit you. And it is then that you realize that this album will just not do as car music. For fear that the trusty carriage would jump from one lane to the other on its own accord. And we don’t want that, no sir.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!