Meadows End – Sojourn (2016) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Meadows End - Soujourn - Album CoverNow, imagine you would marry the evil twin of Nightwish to Insomnium and giving the female front of the former the boot first. You would in all probability beget a magic child called Meadows End. Their style mixes the Gothenburg kind of Death Metal with some more symphonic elements. And this gets us a sound that is pretty unique. Albeit they sprinkle this with some Omnium Gatherum magic dust in places. Yet still the band does not go full clone on ye, but maintains that independent streak important to success. And it is this sense of independence that is prevalent throughout the record. Starting with the fact that no record label had its say in the production of Sojourn.

The Swedish Melodic and Symphonic Death Metal band Meadows End came into being way back by the end of the last century and kind of cruised the metal underground for long years. By 2009 (yeah, that late..) the band decided to blow their ballast tanks and rise to the surface of this mighty metal ocean. The result? Ode to Quietus in 2010, followed by The Sufferwell in 2014. These two records gave Meadows End some acclaim amongst critics, but did not really get them out into the light as the records would indeed deserve.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!