Metal Survey! Find your Metal Roots.

RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Metal SurveyWhere are your Metal Roots? Do you have any at all? Are these black tee’s you are wearing genuine or fake metal? Questions over questions.

Since its inception, the RockmusicRaider blog was most active in all things Metal. This multifaceted genre brings about opinions in anyone, pretty much through the spectrum of emotions – from disgust to delight. From the most extreme harshness to metallic tinges so very soft, we hardly can call it metal anymore. In short, from fans to haters, everyone is moved and – more importantly – has an opinion on it.   

Yet, academia hardly found any serious interest in this music genre to date. The countless hours invested by artists were more associated with the smellier parts of society, not warranting any closer scrutiny from the brainy guys. PureGrainAudio together with Musical Universe and Cambridge University brought out this new metal survey that the RMR deck crew found most alluring.

The survey will hopefully break open that wall of sound and get you and scientists some insights on what makes the metalhead tick. 

The survey asks for emotional responses to 33 musical excerpts that represent over 15 subgenres of metal. The information gained will be analyzed by psychologists at Cambridge for later publication. The findings will be shared on the website and in a yet unnamed scientific journal.

If you choose to complete the survey, you will instantly receive your personality (extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, and conscientiousness), musical engagement (intellectual, emotional, physical, narrative, and social), and well-being scores. The organizers swear by the blood of their forefathers that all findings shall remain confidential. Well, kind of – but you get the drift.

Interested? If so, here is the link to the Survey Site. Enjoy the ride, we for sure did.

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