Moonspell – 1755 (2017) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Moonspell - Album CoverDo you know what I really had to get used to? A Moonspell disk all in Portuguese – with some Latin thrown in for good measure. But then, it fits the theme, doesn’t it? The record tells a story of the massive 1755 earthquake that ravaged Lisbon that same year. And – believe it or not – this still resonates with parts of the Portuguese population to this day. As to the RockmusicRaider sprawling officescape, we do like a theme-based album any time of the day. Because – usually – those get us the juiciest metal dishes to taste from. 

You need to give the band credit too: Each new Moonspell album comes with a different flavor to feed on their Dark and Gothic Metal urges. Just take the ghoulish, quiet menace in the excellent Night Eternal. Or the more lukewarm and less stellar approach to Darwinian machinations in Extinct. If anything, 1755 resembles the work done in earlier eons by the metal masters from Portugal. Yet the album does feel a trifle more experimental perhaps, with less of the vile mainstream to please the crowd. If mainstream is a word we can (or should) actually use with Fernando Ribeiro‘s crew. [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Moonspell – Night Eternal (2008) – Review!

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RockmusicRaider Review - Moonspell - Night Eternal - Album CoverBy Loki, the 9th studio album Night Eternal of the Portuguese band ‘Moonspell’ is hard chow. You really need to listen to this jumble of tracks a few times and apply some goodwill at first. And I mean really go for it! To take it all in IS tough – Black Metal laced Gothic Metal stuff coming out of my earphones. Brutal – technically very demanding – riffs and harsh vocals assaulting your eardrums and virtually marching through your brain (if it is not burned away – that is – after listening to this record repeatedly). 

But then the vampire or the thing that dwells in the darkness inside you will wake and you start to like this harsh tune served with a metal hammer by our Southern friends. With some reservations. They do push the limits – but then again Moonspell are known to do just that and vary their tune from one album to the other. And you need to be in the mood to make do with all that screaming and growling in there.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Moonspell – Extinct (2015) – Review

Whoa! What a nice slab of #Metal! When first starting to listen to the 11th full length album 'Extinct' of the Portuguese band 'Moonspell' (yes, Metal also happens down South), I was not very impressed and - at first - it did not stick. But then their tune started to get glued to the inside of my eardrums, slowly, but surely getting into my mind and bloodstream somehow. What the hell?

It sounds like a weird and metal laden mix between the later 'Depeche Mode' and a metallic version of 'Alphaville' (yes the pop band in their former years, not today - way back - and for sure no metal).