Newsflash: A Lie Nation will Begin Hate!

RockmusicRaider Newsflash - A Lie Nation - Begin Hate - Album Cover If you fancy Extreme Metal, here is a piece for you. But no worries, this is not your usual metal outfit that, having lost their compass to confusion, call themselves Extreme Metal to be safe. And somewhat unsurprisingly, the record reaches us from the cold Scandinavian North, the cradle of much excellent metal.

The Finnish band A Lie Nation (read alienation – cute that…) is poised to unchain their newest EP Begin Hate, supported by Inverse Records. The record vacillates between Thrash Metal, Death Metal and a somewhat austere, but full-bodied brand of Black Metal. To be fair, the latter style predominates their tune to a large extent, expertly supported by typical Black Metal rasps. No clean singing allowed on this record, by the way. 

The band managed to step away from the boxed-in sound many of their brethren still provide. Instead they injected some melodic, meaty, yet unholy life into their tune. This and the fact that they straddle a number of extreme styles renders the EP very alluring. A real juicy fistful of hot metal.   

A Lie Nation came into existence in 2009, albeit remained nameless until 2010. At first they worked metal covers exclusively. Slowly own material appeared over time, which led to the self-released first EP Human Waves in 2015. Begin Hate is their second and newest offering.

A Lie Nation are:
Markus Leinonen, drums
Joonas Kokkoniemi, bass guitar
Joni Moisanen, guitar
Miikka Pyykkönen, vocals
Jussi Tuomisto, guitar

The EP will air beginning of April 2017.

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