Newsflash: Damage Limit Crank it Up!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Damage Limit - Crank - Album CoverIt must be the long, cold nights in Finland that drives people to music when the wind howls through the empty tundra and frozen forests. And you got a friggin’ wave of ’em bands rolling down on ye from yonder lands. RockmusicRaider just did a piece on Moonsorrow and their stellar latest offering. And covered a felt gazillion of Finnish bands since the blog’s beginnings. Now, here we go again: Of course, Damage Limit and their EP Crank – signed to Secret Entertainment – do not boast the latter’s style at all. They more remind me of a less cheeky, yet more down-to-earth version of Bear Bone Company.

Crank delivers a tasty, straightforward stoner-infused and punky Hard Rock to your turntable. And you will find that hard to resist. I concur with the band’s statement that their roots are back in the ’80s and ’90s, not only influenced by the Hard Rock crowd, but also by some steely metal. Okay, this is not something new, but you are gonna like the sturdy riffing and screaming solos that these guys throw at you. Together with Samu’s rasping vocals to make matters whole. It is that refreshing meat and potato kind of rock’n’roll with a early metal twist they don’t make very often anymore these days.

The band came into existence in 2010. Same as many others, they went through some changes over time, producing a demo and two EPs along the way. Crank is their latest offering so far. And a very juicy one at that.

Damage Limit are:
Samu Peltonen (Guitars/Vocals)
Mikael Tiiro (Guitars)
Riku Pessinen (Bass)
Teemu Hassel (Drums)

A sample for you!

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