Dance of the Witches, debauchery by Cult of the Night?

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Do you like yer metal raw and rusty? The kind that draws blood if you don’t strap on your body armor? Well, the RMR deckhands just found a short blurb on da almighty review pipe. And that one slammed a smile on our faces whenever it roared out of our loudspeakers.

Australian underground metallers Cult of the Night released their new EP Dance of the Witches a few weeks ago. And they chose not to reinvent the proverbial wheel, far from it. Instead, they banked on olde metal tropes, I guess to make them great again. Or something. And by Jove, even the album art is already so cliché, it solicited a few evil chuckles in our mighty office suite.

At first, I truly thought that Metallica embarked on a bout of oldish greatness with an unbridled Thrash Metal attack. You never know, right? Papa Het and his greying minions on a roll, that kind of thing. But no, they’re indeed (too) old and grouchy.

So, Cult of the Night took over that runaway train and sped off at breakneck velocity that will put the folks over at Bewitcher to shame. They even hit the ‘yeah-button’ for good measure, methinks. Then, you’ll also get those deliciously roasted and neatly blackened riffs that suddenly disintegrate into some caustic solos that will scrape about your eardrums for a felt eternity. The ghost of Celtic Frost, Venom, and a hint of Bathory on steroids all in one. And all of that comes with a few hints to early Heavy Metal, to the point that one expects the number of the beast counted out all of a sudden.

But be warned, musical traveler. There’s no fame or glory here for ye. Just trve, downturned, barebone metal from times long gone. Brutal, frugal, grimy, and mean. If you’re looking for melody, groove, and neat little intricacies, this indeed ain’t yer playground. Nothing modern here to hear, never an ornament or two, no compromises, zilch. This ain’t metal of the light but pvre underground in all its gritty splendor.

So, if Dance of the Witches is your wont, do linger for a while. If not, leave quickly before the metal will scrape you raw.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook (band)
Release Date: 18 March 2022

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