Deadly Carnage reissue Decadenza – again!

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A girl roasting the mighty balls of the beast? That’s exactly the picture we found on the cover of the age-old EP Decadenza from the Italian Extreme Metal band Deadly Carnage. And it is just too cheeky a theme for us to let that one go. We could not resist but look into this piece.

And yes, I know we shouldn’t even write about an EP that is now on its gazillionth release. But here we go, the artwork made us look and the sound did quite convince us. Decadenza first released in 2008 and went through a number of reincarnations up to 2019. Looks like there’s a pretty lively demand for whatever kvltish urges the true adepts of the Black Metal art still crave.

Deadly Carnage delivers this lighter version of a crime Narbeleth may commit, with a pretty hefty dose of Helrunar. A piece of Black and Post Black Metal, complete with some thrashy speed errors. A pretty traditional offering that does remind us of the glory days of Scandinavian Black Metal splendor. And this despite the EP’s tendency to gripe with endless repetitions and some sort of a down ‘n’ dirty mix. But then, these traditional pieces were always somewhat rough around the edges.

And hey, this is Black Metal and – true to its name – Decadenza delivers this meaty and smoky brand of underground extremes. Just at the right level to slake our thirst for the trve art, this time from Italy to boot. And just cooked to perfection on this devilish roast of theirs.

Do I really smell them Luciferian gonads being broiled on red-hot iron? Well, maybe so, because their tune is hot enough. So, if you feel that urge for a little blackened something to go with your metal entrée just before Black Mass, then Decadenza might just be that decadent extra you crave.

And why not get a taste? Enjoy!

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release date: 10 October 2008

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