Newsflash: French Blunderbuss crunch out second EP!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Blunderbuss - Resurrection - Album CoverWhoever said that Nu-Metal was dead outside Limp fucking Bizkit and Korn? I reckon because these people haven’t met Blunderbuss yet. Even if this outfit sports a style that is bemoaned by many to be all bad, playing towards the somewhat gross and ill-fated metal-goes-rap machine that we saw appearing back in the late ’90s and early 00s. 

Now, why should YOU care? Because their split personality of Nu-Metal going Alt and Prog all of a sudden provides this kick in the gut that will make you pay attention. It is also a French bizkit in a US dominated genre, alluringly rocky in more ways than one. And by Loki, do they crunch forward like hell. You just need to put your prejudices aside for a while and buy some ear wash later after listening to their lyrics some more.

The band just released their 2nd EP Resurrection mid April 2016. Lyrically questionable (who were we kidding..), their tune will undoubtedly grab you and pull you over this #metal road to damnation. And I guarantee: No sitting still for that one. It will get you out of your chair, headbanging around the room.

Taste some:

Blunderbuss formed in 2011 in Paris, releasing a first EP in 2014, followed by some serious touring. They then got back into the studio, now unleashing a much more professionally sounding piece of work onto the unsuspecting #metal world.

Go ahead, have a listen and enjoy! Now, where is that damned ear wash…

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