Newsflash: Funeralglade begin some funeral!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Funeralglade - May The Funeral Begin - Album Cover This one really rocks.

But in a lost identity, total head-banger kind of way. And I am confused. Because the Finnish boys from Funeralglade got a label of Melodic Death Metal stuck to themselves, they said. Of the Northern kind, they said. 

Yet out comes something called May The Funeral Begin. The RMR crew had to descend to the basement and let the big boxes rip. And in the process detected a mix of Arch Enemy, a hint of crabby Abbath and NordWitch. So, something blackened, yet melodic and totally metal. Kind of simmering in the dark abysses of their very special version of Hel.

You’ll be hit with loads of crunchy Deathcore ground into – indeed – Melodic Death Metal. Yet, there is always this raspy, heated Black Metal piece lurking somewhere in the background. All of that woven into a certain groove that all of a sudden takes off.

Get my drift?

It just does not make sense. And that is good. Because this is exactly the allure of this short blob of metal that Funeralglade present you with. May The Funeral Begin relentlessly hits you over the head with this 2.0 version of Thor’s metal hammer. Until you give in and headbang into oblivion.

This is great metal from a band, whose members have yet to hit twenty years of age. The RMR deck crew already looks forward to their next. Bring it on, guys. 

Funeralglade are:
Otto Mäkiniemi – Vocals
Kalle Roine – Drums
Aleksi Nieminen – Lead Guitar
Tony Ewart – Rhythm Guitar
Matias Kartemo – Bass Guitar

A little flavor for ye?

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The record released by 18 August 2017. 


Record Rating: N/A | Label: Inverse Records | Web: Facebook

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