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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - The Eyes of Desolation - Awake in Dead - Album CoverYou know, I am not sure what really stuck with me and got me to listen (much) longer than I usually do when doing selections for the review and news lists. It must be this darkly threatening mix of Gothic Metal with Progressive trends and elements thrown all over their tune. With enough dissonance to keep you on your toes and awake (well, no pun intended…). Add some crunchy #metal ice-cubes into this Mojito in front of you and ready is your desolate cocktail for the evening.

The Eyes of Desolation just unleashed their newest EP Awake in Dead signed to Symbol of Domination Production (EU) and Cavan Records (CR) onto the unsuspecting world this early 2016. Somewhat eerily reminiscent of Moonspell in a way with a pinch of Todtgelichter, but disturbingly darker, it will work itself under your skin and stick to you like glue. And it’s got these traditional softer attributes to Gothic Metal too sometimes, the vocal delivery reminding me of Blutengel in a way, albeit not as electronic as the latter.

The variety they bring to the table is also their strength: The band delivers from #metal tough to – well – dreamy, almost ballad-like. Just to take to screeching at you at no moment’s notice, always in their somewhat low to mid-tempo delivery. The EP was produced by Isak Arroyo and all recording, editing, mixing and mastering done at Cavan Studio in Heredia.

The Eyes of Desolation actually hail from Costa Rica – not really known as a haven for Gothic Metal in general – and messing with #metal since 2008. They already released a first album in 2013 called Songs for Desolated Hearts.

If you ain’t got it, get it. It will be worth your money.

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Gothic Metal in The Eyes of Desolation! Awake in Dead EP Review by RockmusicRaider | The Eyes of Desolation

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