Newsflash: Italian Metallers Dominance to Release New Album!

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Dominance XX The Rising Vengeance Album CoverThe Italian Death metallers Dominance are a band with a history of long breaks in between records. Very long breaks. Forming way back in the ’90s, they feature a number of interesting releases, starting in 1999 with Anthems of Ancient Splendor, displaying a somewhat laid back and unique blackened Melodic Death Metal style, which earned them some critical acclaim. Then adding some more in 2009 with Echoes of Human Decay, this time with a sharper version of the #metal style formerly displayed.

Now in the year of the Lord 2016, the band unleashed their third album XX: The Rising Vengeance onto the unsuspecting masses in Europe, getting ready to do so in the US. With and I quote – “a punch of razor-edge assaults, pounding tempos and sorrowfully melodic hooks”. The album is going to be released through Sliptrick Records and sold via a number of stores and streaming platforms. 

RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Dominance 2016XX: The Rising Vengeance is releasing with a new lineup, featuring three out of five members joining in 2013 and as recently as 2015. And this by a band that many thought are not going to come back – ever. There you go.

Massimiliano Marri – vocals (2013-present)
Gabriel Cavazzini – rhythm and lead guitar (2013-present)
Luca Alzapiedi – rhythm guitar (2015-present)
Saverio Rossi – bass guitar (1995-present)
Davide Tognoni – drums (1992-present)

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US release is now set at 8 July 2016. Let’s see how this shapes up. RockmusicRaider will be watching.

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