Czech proggers Mindwork release Cortex!

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Whoa, somebody woke up alright. After a lengthy hiatus of some eight years or so, the Czech band Mindwork instigates a return from the dead. A warm-up round of sorts, but one that comes with a thunderclap and some highly technical specialties to boot.

Their newest EP Cortex presents a wild mix of fractalized Progressive Metal with a goodly portion of pretty sophisticated tech death. Somewhat of a mix of the late Need without the growls, Opeth, and a dose of the fractals of Frozen Sands.

It’s interesting how a number of prog outfits currently drift towards the tech arena to generate some added spice. After all, the depths of djentology have been explored and the contents looted.1) But Mindwork here really add another layer on top of everyone else.

And did I detect a few undercurrents of the good ol’ doom machine in there? Absolutely, and that is truly aligned to the credo of the piece. Such as depersonalization and the darkest abysses of the human psyche. Yet, the melancholy ways Cortex projects won’t make the EP a doom record, far from it.

The crew here also relished that spitfire intensity that never leaves. Growls or clears, complex patterns, meaty riffs, you get it all. A high-octane delivery that made us yearn for more.

In the end, Cortex is a promising piece. One that explores prog from a different angle. Of course, a direction that is not unknown to the metal community but delivered with a vibrancy that made this crew turn up the volume a few times.

And that is a good thing.

So, without further ado, here’s a taste of the upcoming 15 minutes of metal fame. Enjoy!

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release Date: 22 January 2021


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