Newsflash: Mister Folk issues Compilation #4!

RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Mister Folk - Compilation Vol 4 - Album Cover

What did I just read lately? Ah – yes – it went something like this – and I quote: “Always be yourself. But if you can be a Viking, always be a Viking.”

By that token, did you ever get the urge to spiff up your insights on Pagan, Folk, or Viking Metal? Or perhaps you simply want to get some ideas on what juicy slab of music to procure next?

I might just have the solution for you. The Italian site Mister Folk kind of regularly issues compilations of stuff they cover over time.

They lately published the Compilation Vol IV featuring names like Skyforger, the excellent SIG:AR:TYR, or – again – Gotland. You’ll also get more unknown, but very good quality gigs like the quirky Goblin Hovel or the more solemn Illdåd

Sounds interesting?

Well, give them a try. It will for sure give you ideas on where to go next in this decidedly vast and somewhat confusing universe. Play loud!

Here is a sample of one of the tracks covered: 

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