Newsflash: Ov Shadows get us Monologues!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Ov Shadows - Monologues - Album Cover Do you remember Darkend or Dark Portrait with their somewhat insane incantations? For both you could just feel the Dark Lord rising to prominence or sense the arrival of the child-eating Lamia. Juicily daemonic and almost disturbing, right? So, we thought it could get no better. Or more menacing for that matter. Well, wrong – so wrong.

From the ashes of the Swedish band Waning rises Ov Shadows. And it is a cold, icy storm that their début EP Monologues unleashes onto these unsuspecting earthlings surrounding them. 

The band seek – and I quote “…a portal into chaos without barriers and rules…”. And this is exactly how this short blurb sounds like. Brutal riffing, kick-ass drum work and merciless rasps roll over you like a black wave of pure, delicious menace. Dark, powerful, foreboding, shadowy and totally Black Metal.

Now, if this provides a taste of what is to come, then the RMR crew will look forward to more of this.

Meantime, here’s a sample for your dark, unholy listening pleasure:  

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Label: Experiment VIII | Web: Official Site

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