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The devil’s speaking in tongues? Looks like it. And he comes from Canada of all places.

The RMR deck crew set out to find that taste of the underground. The place that thrives on real Black Metal, not those pseudo tinfoil outfits destined to scare little kids or something. Looking for these hidden things1), from entities that you don’t easily come by. And in truth, we had a lot of mainstream-ish stuff on the menu lately. So, it’s high time for some abject, blackened brutality.

So, luckily Plague Weaver‘s Through The Sulphur Eyes appeared by Black Magick on our turntable. A short blurb that already released back in January 20202).

A doom-ish piece of Black Metal that solemnly marches forward through those dreary soundscapes that RM – its sole master – projects for ye. Yep, you heard that right. Plague Weaver is a solo project. And one of those rare ones with none of those impurities that so often permeate the works of those jacks of all trades.

Instead, Through The Sulphur Eyes immediately steps into the fray. With a multi-layered vox that impressively fits the theme. RM went to great pains to record the rasps at different levels. Sometimes by typical Black Metal rasp and often in tandem with a Death Metal growl and some nuances in between. The result astonishes with that sound seemingly coming from Lucifer’s minions directly – during an exorcism.

Together with those downturned and somewhat hypnotic riffs, you’ll constantly get that impression of early(er) Rotting Christ times two. A tune that carries a certain menace throughout the EP’s short life span.

Now for those who think these folks are not up for experimentation, come again. On Unchained you will find that guest solo by Derryl Vi that took us by surprise. In amongst some most unusual monologues in clear voice.

And all this from a band that initially set out to provide metal in the vein of old-style Black Metal. But take it from me: Through The Sulphur Eyes takes the best from Death, Black and Post Black and uses that metallic cocktail shaker from hell to greatest effect.

The outcome is a fiery Extreme Metal piece that made us go for seconds a few times in a row. A true, blazing hot slab of alloy that will please the sturdiest of metalheads.

Have some, but make sure to hold on to something. It’s a rough ride.

Ed’s note: Oh, and don’t forget to check out Plague Weaver’s newest full-length album!

Label: Self-Released | Web: Official Band Site
Release date: 10 January 2020


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