Newsflash: RockmusicRaider now features Playlists!

RockmusicRaider PlaylistsHowdy Fans and Friends, did you know?

RockmusicRaider now features music-only playlists on Spotify, on top of the ones already on YouTube with moving pictures.

Just click on the RockmusicRaider homepage link and head over to the playlist section. Fire one of them up and let ‘er rip. Oh, and give us a like or twenty, follow us and subscribe whenever you can. Those are always great motivators.

For those of you who don’t feel like surfing about RockmusicRaider at this time, just get straight to the lists:

Just sounds, no movement

Music with Video


We will continue to update and renew these lists continually. And – who knows – you may even see playlists from other providers arrive for your listening pleasure.

Also, whilst the naming of the playlists are identical for sake of ease, the contents may not necessarily fit. As an example, some of the Black Metal bands featuring on RockmusicRaider are so cvlt and underground that they don’t even show on the big streaming services. Or any other store for that matter. They may appear on clips, but otherwise only be sold by the band itself, if at all. Or the clips for YouTube only cover limited tracks, but not necessarily the juiciest ones. You get the picture. Do check all and discover.

On another subject!

With the arrival of Gutenberg, the RockmusicRaider crew will also revamp the way our posts look. Okay, only a slight revamp. But it will definitely go into a direction of YOU getting more out of the posts and being able to listen to the music straight. This whilst you read the post in question, of course. We will also go ahead and jettison some of the functionality currently visible on the site. So, lots of stuff going on with the blog. Once we near completion, you will receive more information on new developments.

In the meantime, play loud and rock hard. And stay tuned, will ya!

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