Newsflash: Dark Ways for Seven Eyed Crow!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Sevey Eyed Crow - Dark Ways to the Sun - Album Cover

France is famous for wine and food. Right? But also for some extravagant tunes.

You may want to check out Seven Eyed Crow, unlocked the chains on their newest and first EP Dark Ways to the Sun in the year of the Lord 2016.

They serve you with a refreshing and somewhat weird mix of Alternative and Progressive Rock, descending down into Rap Metal seizures on ye in a heartbeat all of a sudden. 

Thrashily changing between a fair amount of styles in rapid progression, their tune nevertheless displays a refreshing groove that will make you go for seconds. The album will for sure make your rock and metal antennae tune in to them. But ’tis pretty complex fare, you need to give it some time to move in and shine. 

Given the apparent maturity of their offering, I was amazed to learn that the band got together in 2013 in Bordeaux only (wine, alright…), jamming and experimenting away at different flavors and directions. Until they hit paydirt with their first debut.

Now, having said that, the whole concoction is still a bit messy and unrefined. I guess, like young wine, their brand of rock still needs to mature and find its own marks, flavors, and character.

But I am sure Seven Eyed Crow will get there and deliver again next time. I really liked what I heard and will be watching for future releases. Pretty cool stuff.


Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook

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