Newsflash – Dismal Grandeur of Vanad Varjud!

RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Vanad Varjud - Dismal Grandeur in Nocturnal Aura - Album CoverTalk about a style that will stick to you like water in 40° Celsius below zero. A tune made for the bleaker moments in your metal life. Or for times, when you are not afraid. Best consumed in deep winter, when the wolves howl about the icy tundra of Estonia. 

Vanad Varjud‘s newest concoction Dismal Grandeur In Nocturnal Aura is, whilst not very long, still a very sturdy stew of all things wild and darkly metal.

The band’s very strange and icy cold mix of Doom Black Metal combined with a large offering of depressive elements will stick that gloomy atmosphere onto your mortally afraid soul. You might want it or not. 

With no track shorter than an epic 10 minutes or so, you will get your share of a much bleaker tune than was present on the preceding album. Not many bands out there are really able to project a dreary landscape the way Vanad Varjud do. Perhaps Dodecahedron or Carpe Noctem will qualify to an extent.

And their knack to Extreme Metal of the dissonant type is indeed their main strength. Should they choose to get noticed, that is. Because for now this is one of those purist bands that don’t even have a website. So cvlt they are invisible to the world.

Vanad Varjud got into a first, more astral existence sometimes around the unholy year of the dark lord of 2000. It took them until 2009 to really start and produce some material. Which was crowned with a first album Apooriad that same year.

Dismal Grandeur In Nocturnal Aura is their latest album so far, released in January 2016.

Now put on your cap, gloves and fur coat and get yourself a copy. If you think it is summer now and warm enough, think again: It is always winter somewhere and this is where this music plays.


Label: Symbol of Domination | Web: None

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