IATT – Magnum Opus (2022) – Review

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IATT - Magnus Opus - Album Cover

Every year you get those bands that once arrived in good order in our inbox for further treatment. Only to be surpassed time and again by other records. And this for no particularly good reason. Or at least that is what we thought.

Now, late (very late) in the year, the RMR recovery team rummaged about the dregs of undead records way down in that overheated section of our musty review pipe. And IATT‘s1) Magnum Opus finally crawled out from under a few others and made itself known to us.

And that’s a good thing. Because you’ll get … [...] Click to raid more!

Malevolent 2022: Extreme Metal during a difficult year!

Malevolent Year 2022 - Zombie hands on dark beach

Once Covid starts moving on, 2022 should turn out to be great. Well, that’s what the ever-optimistic crew over here honestly thought. But nope, we were so wrong! To the contrary and as the saying goes, if it can get worse, it will. And it did on a few fronts. Geopolitical issues galore, new wars, shaky economies all over the globe, a felt gazillion of tyrants emerging, it didn’t look that good over the last 12 months. And all of that will continue into next year, so don’t get your hopes up.

All those terrors definitely impacted the delivery of … [...] Click to raid more!

Osyron – Momentous (2022) – Review

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Osyron - Momentous - Album Cover

Who can resist a record that features someone called Percival? We couldn’t. Promises of old lore with Peredur1) and King Arthur. Misty sagas of even mistier origins lost in the tunnels of time.

But that wasn’t the only attribute that lured us into faraway Canadian lands. It’s Osyron‘s feisty and harsh brand of Progressive Metal that piqued our attention, too. Same as a few other bands of similar ilk that crossed our hawse earlier this year.

Epic battles to rip the genteel Hakens of this world to shreds for sport or a band lost in that horrible labyrinth … [...] Click to raid more!

WordPress Categorization: Magic Potion or Devil’s Curse?

Example of categorization

WordPress is, without doubt, the main CMS1) on today’s internet networks. As of November 2022, some 43%2) of all sites globally use this system to build their pages and drive revenue. It is – after all – one of the most versatile systems on the market today and getting better with every new revision. On top of that, the .org version is free, so what else are you waiting for? But nothing is as easy as it seems, of course.

One of the pillars of this CMS is the use of taxonomies and you’ll find two general … [...] Click to raid more!