Pallbearer – Heartless (2017) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Pallbearer - Heartless - Album CoverDo you remember Khemmis and their 2016 album Hunted? Or King Goat‘s Conduit of that same year? These are powerful pieces of doom, saturated with a flow of tears that these guys kicked out onto the market. Both records have that tendency to keep your attention, even if a certain annoying lengthiness and over-complicated structures are inherent to them. But still powerful stuff nonetheless, ain’t it? This movement towards new doom horizons seems to be the sign of the time with a number of talented newbies coming on board to take over the doom universe from the old guard. And many of them come from the good ‘ol US of A. So, there is at least something good rolling over the ocean from NYC these days.

But the genre is very busy; there’s more…

Another outfit worth your reckoning is the US band Pallbearer. They enjoyed a pretty steeply arched career since they started delivering records some short years ago. Another slightly more seasoned newcomer, if you will. Just remember their 2nd full length record Foundations of Burden that got some pretty spiffy international acclaim. Of course, cranking out that much quality material in such a short time raises expectations. Lots of expectations that their 2017 record Heartless generates and needs to fulfill. I already heard them mentioned as worthy followers to the late Black Sabbath. A pretty wild assumption in my book. Besides, people dearly like to use the latter’s name in vain.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!