Párodos – Catharsis (2017) – Review

The RMR offices just reviewed the icy Black Metal album Kwintessens of Dodecahedron dealing with some sort of a rebirth cycle. Understandably, birth, death, rebirth are – for some at least – pretty important. Even if this specific dogma is not really supported by the Holy See. So it is doubly spicy to see another such record appearing from Salerno in Italy of all places. A country more known for its catholic values, rather than its progressive undercurrents. With an offering of some Black Metal to boot. And that genre infested by the goat is usually not too visible in this country. Even if a pretty active community exists alright, make no mistake. 

You would expect some sort of traditional blackened concoction like the recent Narbeleth or Zeit. But Párodos‘ debut full length Catharsis gets you a totally different brand of Black Metal. None of the down-in-the-dungeon Black Metal style of rasping, riffing and drumming presents itself. No spattering of blood, girls on crosses and gory rituals neither. To the contrary, you will get the gothic darkness of Moonspell and the turbulent landscapes of Todtgelichter. Mix this with the freshness of the youngsters of Frozen Sand and combine with some of the unhinged unease Myrkur likes to project.  And perhaps – just perhaps – a hint of Katatonia and Alcest. So, this record refuses to bow to conventions – and that is a good thing. As if there were any, right? Conventions, I mean. 

What really drew me is this taste of Avant-Garde, this notion of going Progressive, whilst still keeping (somehow) with their Black Metal roots. Call it Post Black Metal, if you will. Or New Age Black Metal – whatever takes your fancy. But know that the willingness and ability of the band to seek new ways really sets them apart from their brethren.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!