Reveries End – Edge of Dark Waters (2016) – Review

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Reveries End Edge of Dark Waters Album CoverHere is an interesting one! At first you might think Edge of Dark Waters of Reveries End is dime-a-dozen Gothic Rock with some Metal. All heard, done and gone out of fame something like 10 years ago. The kind that makes you want to paint your lips black and slap on some sickly pale color to your face. Right? 

There is some truth in that, but not so fast. ‘Tis a pretty good record that should be worthy of your time. Because you’re gonna find a helluva lot of pretty cool facets to this one single, round disc that at first looks rather uniform. And this is one of those records growing on you and morphing into something else after a few listens. Definitely influenced by the Finnish melancholy ways all over again, though. And it must be the long cold winters and the absence of the sun in during this season that makes them going there all the time.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!