Coma Hole, Good ol’ Stoner, and some Grunge?

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Ah, the things you can do with a single bass guitar, a good drum kit, and smoky female vocals. Coma Hole here are one of the rare bands on RMR that will make do without the usual lead guitar. Instead, they slap dat bass as you’ve never seen before with sometimes amazing results. The last band that really made an impression like that on us were the dear departed ones of Riti Occulti.1) And that was back in – 2016.

So, here the RMR review board let Coma Hole‘s debut EP roar and they were truly intrigued. … [...] Click to raid more!

Ian Voltage worship the Spring of Turmoil!

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Rock must be dirty, vile, and mean, right? That’s only partly true, of course, but it usually helps. And besides, the lore of punk sez that tough messages must be an integral part of any rock piece that deserves the label ‘red-hot’.

Again, this is debatable if we look at some bands and their limited lyrical, let alone messaging skills. Now, Ian Voltage here have taken some of punk’s message aboard. They indeed lustily scream whatever ails them currently into the world, and so they should.

But what renders their newest EP Spring of Turmoil truly tasty is that snazzy … [...] Click to raid more!

Ukrainian bands @ RMR, a summary!

RockmusicRaider - Ukraine Coverage 2022

Since its inception, the RMR webzine offers band coverage from 40 countries all over the world, plus a handful of outfits that garnered the label ‘international’. And that is simply because they’re not really based in any one country, but sport members scattered all about the blue planet. Ukraine is part of that august assembly of territories that we currently cover.

Now, the recent unsavory, violent, and utterly catastrophic events in that country made us ponder how we could better support these artists on our blog. And this with the limited means that a music webzine like ours has at … [...] Click to raid more!

Dark Worship peel off the Flesh of a Saint!

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Dark Worship - Flesh of a Saint - Album Cover

Noise in metal and all its disturbing facets is a mood thing. Catch me at the wrong moment, and yours truly here will just rip that garbage apart. Find me ‘in the mood’ then things might look differently. It’s not because the RMR crew here won’t be able to be impartial to a point. But it’s more to the subject matter, context, and – indeed – presentation. A lot of what these bands are throwing at ye is usually anchored in some sort of an uneasy rage-fueled environment, disturbing belief system, or other malfunction.

And Flesh of a Saint truly … [...] Click to raid more!