Negative Vortex – Tomb Absolute (2022) – Review

Negative Vortex - Tomb Absolute - Album Cover

I always wondered what I liked better. Brutal, harsh Death Metal, or just vile and terrible Black Metal. And the answer is, it depends. After all, both genres hunt in the same or similar corners of the metal’s smelly underbelly. Yet, quite often, Death Metal gives a songwriter much better traction for all sorts of debaucheries. And whilst the blackened folks are steeped in tradition and self-inflicted rules,1) the deathly ones can let loose any which way they choose. Yet again, some of them forgot that just brutalizing the audience like some abominable monstrosity may not necessarily lead to … [...] Click to raid more!

Crom – The Era of Darkness (2023) – Review

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Crome - The Era of Darkness - Album Cover

2022 brought us a pretty outstanding crop of snazzy Heavy Metal records. And two of them, the ones from Saxon and Splintered Throne, landed square on one of our funkiest annual top 10 lists so far. What’s more, the wider selection of that decidedly powerful selection contained some of the best Power Metal cuts we had the pleasure to review on this ‘zine.

And this sets the bar at lofty heights for those who wish to grab some of the stardom that this worn-out genre still has to offer in 2023. So, will Crom deliver a lesson in mind-blowing … [...] Click to raid more!

Elf Queen – Requiem (2022) – Review

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Elf Queen - Requiem - Album Cover

The RMR crew gets a ton of well-crafted records delivered to its virtual doorsteps. Excellent material that we need to sift through and make painful decisions about what to cover and what not. And sometimes they’re not the right choices. But what can you do, right?

Now, to complicate matters, in this day and age, you can start making music and market it to large audiences with virtually no equipment, skill, or outside assistance. And nobody’s here to vet the material or to – at least – try to correct the worst sins and instincts on stark display. But believe … [...] Click to raid more!