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Last updated on 10 July 2020

RockmusicRaider - Ranking

I sometimes receive those calls for better clarity as it pertains to the RockmusicRaider rating system. You know, this thing that nobody likes but everybody looks for anyway on reviews and such. And usually, this pretty much boils down to the question of what an 8/10 rating actually means. Or a 1/10 for that matter.

Well, for those familiar with the beginnings of the RMR blog, we actually started out with these terrible stars. This oldish visual system that came with these godawful plugins that mostly were only good to attract hackers. Which looked like so:

Rating: 5 out of 10.

So, yes, for a while, in an attack of abject geekery, the RMR deck crew indulged in those garish starry things. They actually possessed no real usefulness beyond simply confusing the audience. Apart from looking totally ugly, that is.

On top of it all, if you wanted to know your rating, you needed to count the damned stars. And there’s a lot of them on a scale of ten, which inevitably annoyed everyone.

But, finally, the RMR staff saw the light.

We switched to a numeric system, less prone to bad plugins and beautifully adapted to modern ways of data mining.

Yet, we somehow neglected to add some explanation to the deed, frugal as it may be. It is thus high time to put a stopper into this ever leaking bottle of insecurities.

We went for a rating scale of 10. You’ll find a lot of them out there that divide the good ‘ol five-star rating into half points. Which makes no sense, simply because – well – you finally end up exactly with our more straightforward choice.

The ‘new’ rating!

Okay, we agree. There are a thousand different ways to word something like that. But for all it’s worth, here is our choice. And if you find similarities to other ratings out there, well this is because they are.

The scale!

10 – Flawless
9 – Crackerjack
8 – Super
7 – Very good
6 – Good
5 – Okay
4 – Subpar
3 – Bad
2 – Wretched
1 – Abysmal
0 – Dead on Arrival

Now, before you cry foul, yes, there actually is a zero-rating on the above listing. Let’s just hope that this one will never be used. And – in truth – it is unlikely because we do make choices before publishing stuff.

So, there you have it. We may also publish this somewhere on the site so that the esteemed visitors can be duly informed.

But never forget, those ratings are only a small part of the review process and of limited importance. What really counts is your content, that stellar music that makes our bloggy world go round.


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