Slimelord bemoan Moss Contamination!

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You gotta be in the mood for that one. There are swampy creatures out there that – for once – don’t originate from Capitol Hill. Instead, they hail from some bog in good ol’ England. Meet Slimelord and their newest demo turned EP called Moss Contamination.

The RMR crew here was on the lookout for some real Death Metal, away from the weak gurgles some bands sport and sell it as the trve deathly fare. Instead, here this outfit peddles a doomy, muddy piece of some sort of grungy Death Metal that perfectly fits their creed. The growls indeed sound like they emerge from waterlogged depths. Seemingly emanating from some demonic toad eager to pass on its doomy and terrible tale.

We truly relished the syrupy slow-motion Death Metal that thrives on blistering drum beats and that kind of darkly ominous riffing that almost reaches the arcane. Boy, at times this sounds like Black Sabbath after emerging from a bog after 500 years of unwanted preservation.1)

The ambient parts and Post Metal injections, plus the often evoked dissonance just adds to the unease the whole piece exudes. Yet, let it be said. For a short runtime of 27 minutes or so, we found an awful lot of swampy sounds and Darkher-ish melodies out there. There can be such a thing as too much branding. So, some tighter approach to arrangement and songwriting might have suited the record better. Just sayin’.

Yet, if you’re up for some remarkable muddy doom-laden Death Metal with real gurgles for once, this should be your record to look into. The band takes no prisoners, and they devoutly croak about that Moss Contamination out there with a lot of gusto.

Oh, and let there be a lot of rain for the folks over at Slimelord so that they and their swamp will thrive.2) We’d want to see that full-length record after all. In time, of course.

LabelDry Cough, Seed of Doom, Sewer Rot | Web: Facebook
Release Date: 3 September 2021


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