Somnambulant II, tales of sleepwalking by Final Coil!

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At first, this sounded like the background music at my local sushi restaurant. It really did, and it made me hungry just listening to that stuff. In other words, Final Coil‘s Somnambulant II took us a moment or two to get into. But we are glad, we took the time.

This band has been lurking in the background of our review pipe for a number of years. Their eclectic and somewhat funky style never quite made it to the forefront, though. Unfortunately, time constraints, seasonal woes, and staff issues1) often prevent us from covering everything. And for such a special style, the time must be right.

Now, Final Coil‘s newest EP finally clicked with us. And whilst we would much rather have liked new material, the revisited songs on Somnambulant II are nonetheless exceedingly well done. And usually, we don’t take too kindly to just rehashing old stuff.

Yet here, the dreamy reinterpretation of material chiefly from Persistence of Memory and The World We Left Behind for Others made us listen up. The band took a careful selection of old tracks and tuned it down to an almost hypnotic, often tribal, and sometimes strangely low-tempo EDM-ish look and feel. This lands them in that Alternative Rock / Post Rock arena that’s suddenly more early Opeth than it is Tool.

The outcome is an assorted selection of tracks from their back catalog that comes in a delicately wispy robe of thoughtful sounds and clear voice vocals. Forlorn ambients galore with (almost) no harsh sounds to take over the ghostly soundscape. And this is very much in line with what the cover art depicts.

I daresay, we have seldom seen such an artful revival of olde material. Well then, go ahead and sleepwalk a little.

Somnambulant II beckons you.

Ed’s note: And congrats, the piece made it onto the 2021 Top 3. Oh, and if you fancy something similar, try some Dawnwalker.

LabelWormholedeath | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 10 December 2021


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