Stream of Passion – Embrace the Storm (2005) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Stream of Passion - Embrace The Storm - Album CoverYou gotta love Progressive Metal (or Progressive Rock, depending on how you look at it). If well cooked, adequately spiced and served hot, this is a delight to listen to. Stream of Passion‘s debut album Embrace the Storm does exactly that. The whole is rendered (almost) irresistible by the inclusion of Psychedelic (some at least), Gothic and Symphonic Metal elements into the tune. Not to forget that Embrace the Storm features a double female front – at least for the live shows: The sisters Diana and Marcela Bovio. And don’t we all love that, especially with both being very talented at their trade? To top it, you got the somewhat oriental flavors and tastes woven into the fabric of this here flying carpet. Now THIS spices the tune up just to the right level of heat.

Embrace the Storm with Stream of Passion as a supporting band was one of the projects of Arjen Lucassen back in 2005. In an interview Arjen indicated that this was done to foster Marcela Bovio, whose many talents needed a platform or in Arjen’s words: “ avoid letting a good thing go to waste…”. Hmm, kind of a weird way to describe a talent sponsorship. It is thus a concept album of sorts – to set up the band Stream of Passion as an entity. Name well chosen, by the way of Marcela’s passionately delivered lyrics.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Stream of Passion – The Flame Within (2009) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review Stream of Passion Flame Within - Album CoverHere is a band that improves with the past? Or should we say they decline as they move forward into the future? Well, first I reviewed Stream of Passion‘s newest album A War of Our Own – newest meaning 2014 – and not being impressed too much, turned in desperation to some older stuff they produced. And … BINGO! The band’s second studio album The Flame Within really delivers a much better brand of Dutch Metal than I would have expected judging by their newest production.

The band recovered nicely, after having been treated somewhat shabbily by Arjen Lucassen, who left his project to Marcela Bovio and departed for shores unknown with two more original members. The lore and his website say that the departure was intended, but little mice are whispering that this is not quite exact. But then there is nothing to substantiate that to a credible degree, so let’s treat it as a rumor – for now. But just check out the lyrics of The Leader. Well, whatever it was, the band went ahead and produced The Flame Within, a real nice and juicy chunk of Symphonic Metal or Gothic Metal, depending which way you want to turn it.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Stream of Passion – A War of Our Own (2014) – Review

This is the thing with Evanescence sound-alikes. Often imitated, never matched - not quite getting there. That kind of thing, right? Well, the style of the Dutch band 'Stream of Passion' for sure creates a déjà-vu of sounds past, but just calling their music this or that is somewhat simplistic. 

Their newest 2014 production 'A War of Our Own' comes across like a typical Symphonic Metal band with a strong Progressive influence, sounding a bit like everything and anything in the genre.  

When starting to listen, you first hear some 'Evanescence' in their tune.