Epica – The Phantom Agony (2003) – Review

Ah, I am relieved!! Just listening to 'Epica' and their June 2003 debut concoction 'The Phantom Agony' and I am really taken aback by the quality and depth of this production - what a nice surprise. Especially after just having reviewed their 2014 Little Booklet of Night Horrors 'The Quantum Enigma', which was kind of out of control, a real pity by the way. And I really feared to be presented with something similar. Usually I am not too fond of operatic productions; most of the time too much pretentious bombastic bullshit to keep a straight face with.

The Rasmus – Dead Letters (2003) – Review

Well, Hells Bells? What is that style? Kind of pop rock, not quite metal, but still metal, but captivating enough to get my attention?

This is the Finnish band 'The Rasmus' with their lead singer Lauri Ylönen in charge of vocals. Well varied and well paced, perhaps a tad too roughly mixed and produced, but still good enough.

Heavily synthesized, the kind of style which I usually do not much appreciate, but then - wow - aggressive like hell in a certain way.

Evanescence – Fallen (2003) – Review

The first studio album 'Fallen' of the US band 'Evanescence' hit the charts like a bomb displaying their unique sound that the band under Ben Moody's and Amy Lee's leadership created (the relationship still kinda worked at that time, when creation occurred, that is..). This combined with the ethereal voice of Amy Lee created the true potential this band possessed at that time. And the success speaks by itself, once the album released in Europe in 2004 (US was 2003), it took off like a rocket and would not leave the charts for - like - forever.