Waldgeflüster – Dahoam (2021) – Review

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RockmusicRaider - Waldgeflüster - Dahoam - Album Cover

In the past, the RMR crew leaned way out of its comfort zone to cover pieces that should never even appear on this ‘zine. But we are glad this happened, even if pushing boundaries is always a pretty wild gamble. But sometimes you just need to widen the horizon a bit and see what happens.

A lot of that happened in one of the most reviled but – at the same time – most interesting genres of the smelly metal underbelly. Black Metal sports many unholy facets. From total satanic virulence, to church burners, over moderates and wannabes, to … [...] Click to raid more!

Thrawsunblat – Metachthonia (2016) – Review

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Thrawsunblat - Metachthonia - Album Cover

Risen from the ashes of the defunct band Woods of Ypres a few years ago, the Canadian band Thrawsunblat just took the locks off their newest, third 2016 full-length release Metachthonia.

I am always looking for interesting tidbits and elements in a band, kind of contributing to an elevated level of metal nirvana.

And I found some: Their interesting choice of a female drummer – Rae Amitay – for sure puts even more spice into an already interesting record. Not often found in those male-dominated waters, female drumstick wielders usually turn out better than their male counterparts. The proverbial [...] Click to raid more!